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Monday, May 12, 2014

Around the World in Four Days

Dear Friends,
     Good morning my Sweet travel companions. With our Passports in hand it's time to head out to Cape Town, South Africa. One of the most beautiful ports in the World. It is from here we embark on an African Safari.
Exotic animals can be spied in the Savanna 

This is no ordinary Safari.
 Culinary Geniuses will be preparing our meals as we dine
on fine china , in beautiful white tents. Hemingway would be envious, Cheers. 

Africa was beautiful
but the shopping bug is biting again.
I have arranged for us to visit the markets in Istanbul 
Beautiful Old World treasures,
oil paintings and woven rugs. Do they
Colors and textures
flood my imagination with possibility. Could there be a flying carpet here? That would be a way to travel....

No flying carpet but we have landed safely in England.
A horse ride through the English countryside
will be delightful.

One must dress proper, of course.
Riding jacket, boots, crop and
velvet hat are provided.
We may even catch a glimpse of a Prince.
if we're lucky. 

 A few sips of afternoon tea
and we are off to Ireland

Irish Eyes are smiling
at all the beautiful shades of green.

Our Irish hosts have made us
corned beef and cabbage for supper 

The green hills of Ireland
have been known to be magical. I do believe
I have heard a folktale or two. However, the
landscape is Ireland's true Pot of Gold 

 Wow what an adventure. Are you ready for more? I sure am. Get some rest, I will meet you in the lobby first thing tomorrow as we journey to Norway,

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