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Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Party Time

Dear Friends,

  It's spring time, so of course let's get out in our gardens, dine al fresco and enjoy the most fabulous weather in the country. The March Sweet Salvage Event, Second Nature,is all about celebrating this most wonderful season and embracing what comes natural to all of us. The dates for the event are March 20th-23rd. 
  The fun doesn't start there....Who's ready for a party? The Second Nature Design Preview Party will be, Wednesday, March 19th from 6 to 8pm. Join Sweet Salvage, as we celebrate spring. Enjoy an exclusive opportunity to view Second Nature themed displays while dining on hors d'oeuvres provided by our friends at Postinos. A wine bar,dessert bar and live music by The Jon Campbell Band, makes for one fabulous night. Tickets are available to the first 75 guests,$25 per person.Tickets go on sale March 1st. Click here to purchase tickets:


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Refine the Refound

Dear Friends,
           Awe the elements....The refined look of timeless sophistication mixed ever so slightly with the patina of time.The sparking crystal chandelier dancing her way across the aged and weathered table.  Majestic horses and loyal pups displayed as reminders of century old connections. Precious silver and fine china presented, showing importance of those we entertain. Luscious fabrics indulging to our touch and adorning ourselves with the finest local handcrafted jewels. We are not Kings nor Queens of a far away kingdom. We are the doers, the seekers, the dreamers and the designers of our own private castles. Refining what is found to create beauty for our homes and ourselves. 

It's in the Raw

Dear Friends,
To find the refined one must first look to the raw. For everything comes from somewhere. It has a beginning as well as it's end. To make a transformation one must first see possibility as it is. The perfect example is in our gardens. Nature shows us beauty in all staged of development. The Raw and Refind Event would not be complete without tribute to the greatest raw and refined decorator Mother Nature. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's Mix it Up

 Dear Friends,
     Raw and Refind.....well yes it is. A mixture of colors, texture, a balance between traditional and funky, urban meets the country and everything in between. A juxtaposition, placing items together for an unexpected look. The discovery of these combinations is ever so pleasing to the eye. The expectation of a neutral palette blended with natural textures and bling would be what one may have in mind. However, the enjoyable mixing of color brings it to life with a whole lotta style. I would like to share with you some beautiful examples of Raw and Refind design incorporated into two rooms, the Kitchen and Bath.

                                 Raw and Refind Bath
A cement spreader is used as sink vanity, brilliant

A mixture of metals, natural texture and porcelain, timeless 

Read closely....yes that is exactly what they are 

The smell of dried lavender in old pots, heavenly

Beautiful tones of green are soothing 

                                           Raw And Refind Kitchen 

Beautiful color tones play off the gorgeous aged pine 

Industrial stainless workstation, ingenious

The pops of green and red, draw your eye in 

This is my favorite.......

Glass, wood, graphics, color and texture perfectly combined 


 The old and new, refined and rusty, bright and muted. it all works. It's about using the things that matter to you. Surrounding yourself with your story and smiling because....Well we are all just a little Raw and Refined