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Monday, March 17, 2014

Feelin' Green

 Dear Friends.
  Top of the morn' to ya and Happy St. Patrick's Day. Sweet Salvage is going green today as the leprechauns help the Sweet Gang add in all the final touches for the Second Nature Event.  Here's a little Irish Blessing for you,


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring's Grand Arrival

 Dear Friends,
     Mother Nature has made her grand entrance this Spring. Her beauty surrounds us with fragrant fresh blooms, the harmony of chirping birds, colorful displays of butterfly wings and the gentle warmth of the sun. Enjoying this season, we dine outside while eating  delicious home grown food from our gardens. It is second nature to fall in love with Spring all over again.
     Glancing amongst the vignettes for the Sweet Salvage Second Nature Event, I am so inspired by the beauty of nature captured. I feel as though I have entered into a secret garden designed just for me. A place of peaceful refuge that embraces the most essential part of my natural self.

A ten foot manzanita tree acts as a canopy for the most stunning and elegant outdoor dining room I can imagine.

Potting sheds and benches filled with blooms inspire me to reconnect and green up my thumb.

 Unbelievable iron gates and fencing aged with the finest patina are present making me swoon with delight. Forest creatures, antique statuary and darling farm animals peek out of displays welcoming those who are visiting. It is surely a magical place.  


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Farm to Table Workshop

Dear Friends,
         Urban Gardening and Culinary Excellence comes Second Nature to two of our wonderful friends, Caroline Van Slyke of Boho Farms and Traci Zitzer of Urban Table. Both women are making their own impact on the local fresh organic food community here in Phoenix. Sweet Salvage is proud to announce these beautiful ladies will be sharing samples of culinary faire (carrot cake, kale salad, ideas for hibiscus syrup and other delights), recipes, ingredients and resources at The Farm to Table Workshop, Saturday March 22nd at Sweet Salvage. This complimentary workshop will be held at 12, 1pm and 2pm in 10 minute segments with questions and answers to follow. This dynamic DuO is not to be missed. Here is a little information about our hosts. 

About Caroline Van Slyke-

  • Designer
  • urban farmer
  • artist, foodie
  • confiseur
  • Francophile
  • cheese maker
  • residing in Central Phoenix but longing to be a Hobbit in the Shire.
  • I am a wife
  • mother of two children
  • tender of a bunch of chickens, a Scottish Terrier, a farm cat and two rescue ducks.
  • Our family is on a journey to live a simple, sustainable life in the middle of the city through sharing, creating and community.-Simply Living Life!

Boho Farm

 About Traci Zitzer-
  • Proud mother of two children
  • My culinary cred, classically trained chef & food stylist. Art Institute of Phoenix and CIA in New York
  • Local food and community advocate
  • I have a refined sense of style
  • My food philosophy focuses on flavor, method and time-honored traditions. Made the old fashion way, in small batches from scratch
  • I have a love affair with food, feeding people and breaking bread
  • I adore the smell of old newsprint and a good cup of coffee
  • Happiest when I have fresh cut flowers and hear my kids laughing
  • Love hearing a great story
  •  I live for the hunt, the get, the find
  • Count the minutes until my next journey
Urban Table