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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Friends,
    It's contest time. The Sweet Gang is all moved in to our new home. We are all so excited for my reveal at the the Destination Found Event May 17-21st. As part of the transition we thought it could be fun to incorporate the move into this month's contest. So here are the guidelines for the Sweet Moves Contest.

!. Tag Sweet Salvage on your Face Book page announcing our new address 4648 N 7th Ave, 1 entry
2. Every friend of yours who visits Sweet Salvage on 7th FB page from your page, 1 entry
3. Share our new address on your blog, 1 entry
4. Every reader who visits Sweet Salvage Blog from your blog, 1 entry
5. Add a our link to your blog or FB, 1 entry

So many chances to enter this month by simply spreading the wonderful news of our new home. We will randomly draw 5 lucky winners May 16th for early entry into Destination Found May 17th. Again the new address is 4648 N 7th Ave.

Good luck,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving Along

Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for an another fun filled weekend and your amazing enthusiasm for our new location. For those of you have may not have heard are good news, Sweet Salvage is moving to a new location just a hop, skip and a jump one block south. The new address is 4648 N 7th ave. The new building has more parking, faster checkout, air conditioning and an additional 2500 sqft of "Sweet Junk". We are so excited! So this week the Sweet Gang is busy busy  moving into the new location. Yeppie!
Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret Revealed

Dear Friends,
It's time to reveal Sweet Salvage's Big secret......Come join us 9:30 tomorrow morning at the Salvage Secret Event as the Sweet Gang plays the Telephone Game with our guests in line.

See You Then,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Salvage Presents Salvage Secrets April 19th-22nd

Salvage Secrets? What's the big secret? Are you intrigued? We hope so! You know the gang at Sweet Salvage likes to keep you guessing. We love to bring you the most current ideas and guests in the industry and this event is no different.

On Thursday April 19th please join us in welcoming Joanne Palmisano! She is the author of "Salvage Secrets", a nationally acclaimed book about how to turn salvaged materials into beautiful architectural and practical pieces of any home. Joanne is also a Better Homes and Gardens award-winning interior designer, a project designer for DIY Network, plus she enjoys blogging on
Her book, "Salvage Secrets" will be available for purchase and personal autograph at Sweet Salvage on April 19th beginning at 9:00am. She will be outside with the crowds so come on down and meet her!

But wait, we have more secrets....

Not only has "Salvage Secrets" gone to reprint, but Joanne's about to start writing a second one, "Salvage Secrets, Reclaimed Design and Decor" (working title). This book will be a paperback version geared to everyone who loves salvage, not just the trade.

Sweet Salvage loves to include our "Sweet" customers in everything we do. So what does this mean for you? Well, Joanne is LOOKING FOR HOMES WITH SALVAGE: If you have a home or a salvaged design idea or decor that you think would be great for the second book -- let her know. Bring your picture(s) on Thursday, April 19th to the event. Please include an 8 1/2" x 11" photo with your name, phone number and e-mail address on the back so she can reach you. Pictures will not be returned to you.

Oh but wait, we have more secrets...We have some really exciting news to share with you on Thursday morning!

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Have a Great Day,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shhhhh, it's a Secret

It's Magic Time

Dear Friends,
Shhhhhh...I have a lil' secret. Last night as the doors closed for the night and the Sweet Gang went home for much needed rest, I snuck out my camera. I could not resist taking a few photos for you. I enjoy watching the Gang work throughout the month but it is the week of the event that the magic happens. I takes my breathe away. The Salvage Secrets they have created are beautiful.

A secret garden awaits you.

Ironstone displayed in a hutch made from vintage crates, awesome

I do believe I shall sit here, read a book and be surrounded by all the things I adore.

One of Mother Nature's most fabulous sculptures, driftwood.

Butterflies flutter bringing glorious color

With a garden caddy like this one may never leave the garden.

By far one of my favorite pieces this month. The possibilities are endless.

This collection says it all. The secret to incorporating Salvage...beautiful textures mixed with patinas.

Of course we must not forget to color our World.

Now don't tell the gang my lil' secret. It's just between you and me. I want to leave you with a thought that entered my mind as I explored all the beauty last night,"It is the inspiration we see that continues the inspiration we seek." I think that sums it up perfectly,


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Stephanie's Salvage Secrets

 Dear Friends,
     Stephanie has an amazing eye for Salvage. She sees the beauty in time worn elements and artfully incorporates them into her home as well as in Sweet. When you enter Stephanie's home an amazing vignette awaits you. One of my favorite elements is a deconstructed French chair (pictured). A Red Cross pillow made by Stephanie adds color and a wonderful graphic. What a fabulous conversation piece. Awesome.

Look at the layers Artisans used when making antique chairs

Linen was used in old chairs as lining, beautiful

                     Stephanie's Secret Project

Stephanie created a coat rack out of antique Railroad nails to hold her vintage French monogram linens. How cute is this? Imagine the possibilities with this project. The Railroad nails will be available at Sweet Salvage's Salvage Secrets Event next week.

Again Stephanie uses a splash of red with her French Linen. Love. I wonder if they will be available too? Wink Wink. 

I have always loved Railroad nails. They were numbered with the year as the Railroad was built section by section.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing how you incorporate Sweet Salvage into your home,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Katie's Kitchen Secrets

A salvaged large corbel was added between the kitchen and dining area to divide the space while leaving it visually open. Beautiful.

Dear Friends,
   Our Sweet Katie has just finished a complete remodel of her kitchen. She lives in a historical bungalow in down town Phoenix. Katie and her husband Tim gutted the kitchen adding new cabinetry, stone counter tops and flooring all with fabulous Old World charm. They chose a neutral pallet of grey,white and brown to enhance Katie's collection of Ironstone. It is simply timeless. Here are a few pictures of her collections artfully displayed in her new space. Enjoy

Katie loves old drawers. Her she added awesome hardware. What a fabulous container to display collectibles as well as to organize everyday items. Very creative,

Lighting is jewelry to a room. Katie hung this amazing vintage light in her kitchen adding perfect ambiance. Her collection of Ironstone pitchers looks darling on the stand. Love the natural elements and not to mention that incredible piece of iron architecture. Yummy!

Another view looking out the new kitchen window. The fabulous urn next to the cream salvage piece is a lovely contrast of color.

Hope you were inspired by Katie's Sweet lil' kitchen. I was. Remember display what you love it's what makes a home a home. Great job Katie. When are we all coming over for coffee?


Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Cynthia's Garden Secrets

Cynthia uses an industrial table as a potting bench. Displayed beautifully with a variety of garden elements

Love the use of a mirror hung on the back wall to reflect her garden, Candles for ambiance and fantastic salvaged containers.

This little critter is adorable adding a darling life element to her garden

A pergola adds an outdoor room filled with more of Cynthia's garden creations. I would most certainly enjoy an after noon tea at this Bluebird Cafe

A vintage French bread pan holds her potting needs. Great idea.
What a fabulous vignette.. Cynthia's wonderful husband Ron had one request when they decided to move to Phoenix from Atlanta, no grass. She has mastered sticking to his wish by creating a lush container garden filling the yard with greenery. Bravo!
One of my favorite pieces in her yard. This chippy wheel barrel adding again the whimsical charm. It whispers "Welcome my friends Welcome:

Dear Friends,
Isn't Cynthia's garden fantastic? She has loving designed a perfect space reflecting beautifully the creative lady that she is. Bringing in touches of southern abundance this is truly a magical place. Inspiration at every glance. Enjoy,


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Dear Friends.
Happy Easter. Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Secret Salvage Garden

Dear Friends,
   The creative Sweet Nancy has a fabulous collection of salvage garden containers. Using found objects as planters she has made her garden whimsical and unique. We are so fortunate to live in the desert were we can enjoy the bounties of nature year round.

 Nancy's words of advice
"Be creative in what you plant in........old tubs, washstands, buckets, watering cans, Can you see the old rusty washstand in this picture?"

 Doesn't the wash stand make a perfect potting table. It has a fabulous patina that only time can paint.. Beautiful
 Another view of this darling garden vignette. I love the trailing vines of greenery with the splash if color

Nancy uses a salvaged pillar as a pedestal for another beautiful vine

How cool is this? An old metal barrel complete with graphics holds this awesome spider plant.. Thumbs up Steampunk!

There will be a large variety of salvaged containers at the Salvage Secret event April 19th-22nd. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy our gardens. Get outside and smile. Have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kim's Garden Secrets

Kim's Wall Garden. Kim hung a vintage apple picking basket. What a fabulous planter.

Dear Friends,
   You may not know this little secret but my Sweet Kim has quite the green thumb. She enjoys spending time with her flower garden. Spring in in the air. Bulbs are in full bloom and her roses are bursting with color. Kim shared with me photos of her beautiful flowers and the fantastic containers she uses. Enjoy the inspiration, I sure have.


Isn't this pretty? Love the sparkle of Kim's vintage trophy collection  mixed with a natural element. Get creative. What do you love that can be uses as a vase?

 What a beautiful combination, amazing trophy, leather bound books, clocks and numbers, stunning french crown,architectural salvage. Look at the to die for urn.  Fabulous Kim. Mixing textures and styles adds interest to a vignette. As Kim has done, display what you love. Fabulous!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Broken Angel

Dear Friends,
  I received a letter from this beautiful Angel and wanted to share it with you.

         "Dear Sweet,  I had a tragic accident. I was an angel with a broken wing. But my owner loved me bunches and did you know that statue salvage can be repurposed into a great new look! Never throw those broken pieces away. Give them new life! I knew you would want to see my new look...."

Nancey from Steam Punk has created a one of a kind Garden Angel. I adore her broken wing. In a artistic poetic way it speaks to me. All of us are broken from time to time, unable to fly, unable to radiant the beauty that we are. It takes a special someone to see through the imperfection and mend our wings. We never go back to where we were only forward. Our wings change throughout our life. Each experience, each thought create their shape. Thank you Nancey for the reflection I see when I look at your Angel. She is in my mind far from Broken.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet Garden Essentials

Dear Friends,
  We ogle and awe over vignettes, we admire designers for there unique talent, we flip though pages of magazines and peruse blog after blog looking for inspiration. Then in a moment Mother Nature makes her presence known. Once again we are reminding that the no award, no publicity, no education not even all the talent of the World's designers could ever compete with her. She is flawless in design, ever changing with trends and will always remain classic in her beauty. Today I want to share some beautiful sculptures she created for your Secret Garden.
Have a wonderful Sunday,