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Monday, April 2, 2012

Broken Angel

Dear Friends,
  I received a letter from this beautiful Angel and wanted to share it with you.

         "Dear Sweet,  I had a tragic accident. I was an angel with a broken wing. But my owner loved me bunches and did you know that statue salvage can be repurposed into a great new look! Never throw those broken pieces away. Give them new life! I knew you would want to see my new look...."

Nancey from Steam Punk has created a one of a kind Garden Angel. I adore her broken wing. In a artistic poetic way it speaks to me. All of us are broken from time to time, unable to fly, unable to radiant the beauty that we are. It takes a special someone to see through the imperfection and mend our wings. We never go back to where we were only forward. Our wings change throughout our life. Each experience, each thought create their shape. Thank you Nancey for the reflection I see when I look at your Angel. She is in my mind far from Broken.


1 comment:

Mercedes Person said...

That made me cry......I agree with all said. I too see, not an angel with a broken wing, but a symbol of hope and peace. Nothing in life is constant or static but ever changing. We MUST embrace it, broken or otherwise, because we have no other options!

Thank you for sharing!