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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now Showing at Sweet Salvage

Please join Sweet Salvage as we showcase the wonderful world of Cinema. This exciting and imaginative special event will take place July 19th-22nd. Covering everything from black and white to drama from action to classic films designed to capture memories and smiles with our Sweet friends. Come enjoy your favorite movie dazzeled with a Sweet edge and bring the magic home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Friends,
Tomorrow begins a fun filled weekend of Summer Lovin' at Sweet Salvage. Join us as we again welcome Boho Farms. Wonderful homemade jams and jellies are available made organically with the  yummiest summer fruit. Perfection. You will also enjoy a farm fresh feel with a tribute to the summer harvest. See you tomorrow bright and early,

Isn't this darling.....oh I am in Summer love.

Hot Dog! It's Summer Lovin' Time

Dear Friends,
  The Sweet Salvage Summer Lovin' Event begins tomorrow June 21st and runs through June 24th. I am excited to announce that Mama's Dogs will be at Sweet with her darling set up Thursday and Saturday. She will have lunch and refreshments available. How Sweet is that?
  The Summer Lovin' Contest VIP winners will be announced today at 4pm. We had a blast with all the fun summer questions. Good luck to all who entered.
  As a reminder Sweet Salvage opens at 10am and is open til' 9pm on Thursday, 10am til' 6pm the rest of the weekend. There is plenty of parking along Highland and behind the large storage building. It will be Hot outside but Sweet will be nice and cool. Umbrellas and water will be available to help keep you cool Thursday morning before the show. VIP winners will be allowed early entry at 9:45am. Above all you are all in for an amazing treat. The store is bursting with amazing summer vignettes. Looking forward to see you this weekend.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Fair Lady

 Dear Friends,
   Beautiful plantations grace our country with beautiful gardens and majestic estates. A Lady of Elegance enjoys a mint julep as she gazes onto her estate.

She wears fine jewelry

Believes in the Spirit

Respects the time she shares with her loved ones

She hangs her clothes on a line to let the gentle breeze freshen
She tends to her garden with pride

She relaxes in quiet

Her home is always open for guests

She is prideful in the collections of her home

She loves the twinkle of a beautiful chandelier

Tea at noon is a daily ritual

A Lady enjoys being just that, a Lady. Surrounded by beauty which she gracefully shares. Her home is her reflection.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Lemonade Stands and County Fairs

Dear Friends,
Summer is a time to harvest some of nature's greatest gifts. Fresh strawberries, watermelon, peaches and other fabulous fruits all announce their arrival this time of year. From homemade ice cream to sweet jams to simply picking off the tree for a juicey bite we all enjoy the bounty. Farms across the county celebrate with county fairs and picnic to share in the season. The Sweet Gang pays tribute to this American celebration with a Farm Fresh feel. So grab a slice of watermelon, dish up some peach ice cream and come relax at the Sweetest lil' Farm. While you are visiting make sure to pick up some of BOHO Farm's Organic jam which will be on display. Now that's a taste of summer I surely love.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Cottage Lovin

Dear Friends,
Maybe you are in the mood for a little cottage romance, the Sweet Gang will help you fall in Love. A vignette full of the Sweetest cottage design takes you to the front porch of romance. Vintage Bark Cloth with weathered wicker, garden gates, fresh flowers all mixed in with bunches of color and texture. I think a summer nap on Sweet's porch maybe be required....