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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The World Awaits.....

                                             Dear Friends,
                   Our final destination takes us to a quaint 
                                 cottage in Norway. 
                    Soothing neutral colors surrounded 
                                 by Old World charm 
                  becomes the perfect backdrop to simply relax.

Open your favorite book and sit for a spell.
This nook was made just for you. 

I have prepared a delectable lunch
 for us on the porch.
Are you hungry?

Yes my friend,
this is your sleeping quarters.
Unpack and unwind
You deserve it.

Dinner is in the Dining Hall
tonight at 7pm.
The local Fisherman have caught us
a spectacular feast

As all vacations at some point come to end. 
I thank you for enjoying 
this journey with me.

Awe...There's no place like Home


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