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Sunday, May 11, 2014

All Aboard......

Dear Friends,
     It's time for the Sweetest trip...where in the World shall we start? 


                                             How are we going to get there? 
  By plane, by train, by automobile? 
Oh such possibilities,,,

Since we are here in the US , 
let's catch our first train into the city of Chicago.

First stop
Chicago Fire House Station #3

Then perhaps a tour of the industrial warehouse district?

The evening we shall spend at the Chicago Opera, dinner at one of the many exquisite restaurants
 and a stroll through downtown to awe over the ole architectural buildings. 

       What a fabulous day in the City of Chicago. However, the United States has another city filled with mystery, excitement and Old World Charm.  It's time to party in the city of New Orleans'. French Quarter. Grab some beads and a masquerade mask we are on our way to the Big Easy. 

     Carriage lights and horse head hitching posts line the street.
No need for automobiles here.
We're riding in a horse drawn carriage tonight, just for you.

                                Go ahead get your bling's party time. 

A night in New Orleans would not be complete without a little Jazz
to liven up the evening.
Oh "What a Beautiful World "

After all that fabulous night life.
It's time to sail across the Pond to Southern France
for a little R&R at the beach.
Colors as soothing as the ambience....lovely 

Of course no trip to France
would be complete without heading
North into Paris  
A French Flea Market but of course, Oui Oui!

                                  Shopping in Paris....doesn't get more heavenly 
                                 A stop at a little Cafe for a glass of wine 
                                          pared Parisian cuisine, 
                              makes for the most magnificent day. 

Stay Tuned....We have so many more places to visit on our adventure,