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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Got Junk!

Hello Friends,
The Sweet girls have been busy spending the past few weeks traveling from here to there finding you the most "Spooktacular" treasures. Let's play a little "I Spy" game. What great Fall inspiration do you Spy hiding? The first 3 correct guesses will win a Sweet little gift. Get those spectacles out and imaginations going. Ghoul Luck.



Wanda said...

I see mirrors, tool caddy and marble top for a cute table!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend and will try to visit your store next time you are open. I live in Tucson, so I have to schedule a day trip or a weekend trip to Phoenix!!!
best regards,

Judy said...

Well, I certainly think that oval marble piece would make a great grave marker when partially buried in the ground. Or a great table top! That old trunk would be great full of vintage clothes to use as dress up for Halloween. The mirrors could be decorated with fall flowers, pheasant feathers, or webs. If some of the silvering is gone off the back of the mirror, you could put a spooky image behind the glass peeking out when you ask "who's the fairest of them all?" Do I see an old metal bin that could be used to hold fall flowers or harvested items like gourds, pinecones, potatoes???

Wish the picture was bigger. It's hard to tell what some of the stuff is -- other than the obvious, chairs, cushion, frames, mirrors, marble top, tin bin, trunk, turquoise wheels to something.

terry said...

a suitcase, picture frames, mirrors, a trunk, a roosting crate for chickens or a tool caddy, a cushion, a printers tray (i'm hopelessly obssesed!)and lots of goodies in that Rubbermaid container.

Anonymous said...

I see the beautiful trees through the window of the opened hatch....could it be this vehicle is somewhere where the leaves change color on those trees?

Bohemian said...

I'm wondering if those Ornate Frames hold paintings of Spooky Dead Ancestors? *Winks* The Marble Tabletop reminds me of a Full Moon. And finally, that Black Footlocker, at a glance, I thought you had a Coffin back there!? *LOL* Guess I'm just in a Halloween Vibe since I finally dug all my decor out of Storage today and am going with a Day Of The Dead Theme... which won't creep Princess T out, but will pacify Prince R who didn't want Whimsey this year... he wanted a Haunted House Horror Theme, which would freak his Lil Sis out... so my compromise is the way cool Latin Day Of The Dead... a perfect blend of Whimsey & Macabre. And who can resist a Skull with Deep Red Carnations in it's eye sockets? *Winks*

Can't wait for the Event... bringing Friends from out of State this time...

Dawn... The Bohemian