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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready Set Go!

Hello Friends,
After much excitement this past weekend the girls have begun the process of clearing Sweet Salvage for the next show, "Harvest Moon". Isn't the name intrigueing?  Can't wait to see the transformation. How about you? What Fall treasures will you be on the hunt for?


Rhonda said...

Ooh, there is so much on my fall list - old books, antique tintypes, lace, rusty anything...

Anonymous said...

Old Rustic Spools, primative pumpkins, rusted iron, vintage birdcages, black chandeliers, pie safes, vintage bunting:) I can not wait- Becky L.

Sweet gang! said...

Rust and lace what a beautiful pairing.... oh there will be plenty of that! I find myself dreaming in warm tones and burlap, that's normal isn't it? Can't wait until September 15th!


Anonymous said...

Hi Loves!
I just posted about my GREAT experience shopping at Sweet Salvage last saturday! Tons of pictures and great things to say. Can't wait for september and new vintage treasures. :) xoxo Julia

Bohemian said...

Harvest Moon... oh yes, that's going to be quite a vision!!! I'm already getting into the Autumn Vibe, it helps get my mind off our 110+ degree temps! *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian