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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweet Gang Play Day

Every month the Sweet Gang meets for our Courtyard Warehouse Play Day. As a collective team we deconstruct previous displays in the areas, create a new vision, organize the fresh merchandise and get busy with it. It's a growing team of about 20 creative people all working together like's a little peek of how the morning played out yesterday. 

The Sweet Team arrives at 10 am and we begin with a short round robin group meeting . You can see there was a TON of new inventory everywhere. Looking around and making a plan, well that's where this team shines.
Time to start making piles and grouping like items. Deciding what stays in the Courtyard and what gets moved into the Warehouse

 Dividing the areas into zones with a story or theme helps to make sense of such large spaces. 
So  gazebos go up, large statement pieces and backdrops go into place. Pretty soon, well it all becomes super awesome.  

Sometimes it's a matter of stepping back together and collectively deciding the next element. 

After a few hours of hard team work Sweet Salvage's Courtyard and Warehouse are complete and ready for you!~Back Roads and Blooms begins this Thursday at 10am and continues through Sunday.

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