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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You're Gonna Dig This

Dear Friends,
I don't know about you but the Sweet Flea is beyond any flea market I have every been to. Sure the entire venue is filled with one of a kind treasures, amazing eclectic variety, phenomenal deals but, Wow! Nothing compares to the fun of digging through these amazing displays. Collections so inspiring it makes one want to start a whole new one. The Sweet Gang has taken the enjoyment of shopping a flea market to a completely  new level. As I browsed through today, I couldn't believe the incredible deals. I most certainly could have filled my truck. But a last, like all of you, I will wait until opening day,Thursday, dreaming of the treasures I hope to bring home. Did I mention the freebies? Holy Junk Gods, they have added some great pieces. Get your treasure hats on, this is going to be the flea market of all flea markets. 
Here are some photos of what I came across today so you can begin to make you junkin' map. I have this feeling you will be junk dreaming like me until next Thursday.

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