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Monday, October 13, 2014

Comme c'est Beau !

Dear Friends, 
Comme c'est Beau! So many beautiful things have journeyed into Sweet Salvage for the French Market Event. I feel as if I am on my own personal treasure hunt the past few days. Everywhere I look there are incredible vignettes filled with absolute beauty. I have wandered and wandered throughout glimpsing, starring and admiring these phenomenal displays. Just as I believe I have seen it all I find myself rediscovering so much more. I have become a French Junk Stalker this month without a doubt, hee hee. I am so impressed once again with the eye for detail that has been created by the talented Sweet Gang this month. This amazing team has kept not only their design theme in mind as they searched for the perfect pieces to incorporate, it is beyond clear to me that they have also kept you in mind. Your expectations, your hopes, your desires and what is takes to fulfill these. This to me is what sustains the magic. Sweet Salvage is more than a store or market. It is a collaboration of talented designers mixed with the most fabulous guests who together set standards of excellence creating a monthly themed event that is truly one of a kind. 
This week Sweet Salvage presents our 4th French Market, we welcome the most fabulous guest, Fifi O'Neil and we celebrate it all with you! Life just can't get any Sweeter, thank you.  

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