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Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh Such a Sweet Tale.....

Dear Friends, 
Setting the Stage comes in many forms. Sometimes it's the characters that inspire the story other times it's the setting. The delicate balance between detail and illusion stimulates the imagination, creating a world all of it's own yet individual to all that experience it. That's where the magic resides. Sweet Salvage believes in this magic especially during this event very year. Designers disappear into their designs spending countless hours to ensure their story is told. Let me take you to a few magical places.....

All aboard the haunted Orient Express 

Perhaps a rest 
at the local motel, 
Norman has been waiting for you...

She had such Great Expectations for her wedding
Poor Miss Havisham

Mourning is such Sweet Sorrow

In a Cabinet of Curiosity, one might question  


Beware of falling for the Witches Spell, 
you may get Punked 

In your own backyard 
heavy metal rats in hats 
shall play a spooky tune 


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