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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweet Salvage Style

Dear Friends,
Once upon a time, a little over 3 years ago, a Sweet idea, a dream, a vision, a risk, a hope, a concept and a plan was put into to motion bringing the Valley the first vintage market occasional monthly event, Sweet Salvage. Months and months of conceptualizing, brainstorming and creative inspiration materialized for the three dreamers, Kim, Heather and Stephanie, in August of 2011. They held their breath, each other hands and waited for the Grand Opening. The questions,"Will anyone attend? Will they enjoy and be inspired ?". replayed over and over in their minds that first morning, and you were there. Answering with smiles of enthusiasm on your faces. Encouraging, supportive and like minded wonderful friends who have continued to motivate us to keep dreaming, conceptualizing, brainstorming, visualizing, hoping and designing. The 3 girls brought forth this, Trilogy Event, designs that embrace the Sweet Salvage's Signature Style. Although ever adapting and merging with up coming current trends, it remains a consistent look found only at Sweet Salvage. 

Here are some photos of the girls designs this month, incorporating their visions of the 
 Sweet Salvage Style 


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