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Monday, June 16, 2014

Living the Summer Lifestyle

Dear Friends, 
It's time to roll out the butcher paper cross the picnic table, light up that grill, pour a tall cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and invite you, our Sweet friends, over as the Sweet Gang entertains for Summer. A season of BBQ's, Clam and Crab bakes, Campfires roasts and homemade picnics. Whether at home in the backyard, at the beach, high on a mountain top or laying on a grassy knoll, summertime evokes a passion to entertain and spend time with the our loved ones. We play, we eat. we laugh and we make memories.  Setting the ambiance is part of the magic. Bring the story to your table scape. Transform the patio with coordinating the colors and set the theme. Welcome your guests with your vision as the tone is set for perfect entertaining afternoon. 

Here are some beautiful scape's of summer inspiration. Colors, texture and elements of the season are combined together to bring a sense of themed fun. Entertaining in any one of these spaces would be a sheer joy. 
So get out those calendars. plan a summer event or two. Sweet Salvage has everything you need. There is no better time to make memories than today. 

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