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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet's Flea Market Guide

Dear Friends.
   The day has come, your adrenaline is on fire, you are dreaming of the all the "shut up fabulous junk" that awaits, the alarm is set and the looming question begins....."what do I take to the Flea Market?" Here are a my tips for a successful treasure hunting day.

What to Wear

It is important to check the weather prior to going to a Flea Market. Knowing what to expect is essential.. Layer your clothing. By doing this you can add or remove clothing to suit your needs, comfort is key.
Your favorite weekend jean is the perfect fit for a flea market day. Wearing pants with pockets proves to be very helpful..
 I can not stress the importance of good shoes enough. Although those brand new boots are soooo cute, leave them at home. Your feet are your best friend today and keeping them happy with prove to be one of your greatest strategic moves. Remember you have a lot of ground to cover and hopefully many treasures to haul. Be kind to your feet.
Awe the hat....hats are another must have staple in my book. They shield your face from a whole day of sunshine, protect against the "OMG look what the wind is doing to my hair",  keep you warm on cold mornings and in case of the occasional rain fall keep your head dry
It's fun to put on a few accessories but leave your grandma's favorite ring at home. A flea market is not the place to wear your finer things. In the hustle and bustle they can easily get lost, opportunists may scope you out based on what they see...enough said.

What to Bring


Keeping hydrated is so important. Make sure you pack a lot of water. Keep a small cooler in your car to access as you bring your finds back and forth. Convenient snacks are also a plus. Most flea markets will sell food and drinks but a high prices. I'd rather buy junk thank you....
A key essential to a successful day is making your list ahead of time if there are certain items your are looking for. The variety of merchandise can be somewhat overwhelming and easily distract you from your original vision. Sometimes it's just about the experience and a list may not be needed. That's when you come home with "Why did I buy that?'...giggle giggle

Tape measures


First step is to plan your budget and know how much money you have to spend. Cash is the universal language at all Flea Markets and does allow for better negotiating. Make sure you bring smaller bills with you, 1's , 5's and 10's. When asking for a seller to lower their price  having the exact amount works in your favor. Some vendors take credit cards but because they pay a fee so will you.

Carrying the right bag and wallet can make all the difference. Leave your expensive purse at home. A backpack to hold all your Flea Market essentials is a much better choice. I prefer one with many pockets and compartments to stay organized. Another advantage to carrying a backpack is that it leaves your arms and hands free to shop....hello that is the plan.  

Now load the truck it's time.......


                                                       Let the Junking Begin

              One last tip, take photos of everything your buy. Most vendors will allow you to leave large purchases to be picked up later in the day, If you choose to take advantage of this convenience, to continue the hunt, take a photo of the item. I also take a photo of the vendor's space number This provides a receipt of sorts and when at a large venue reminds you where you left your treasure. Believe me it works. .

Happy Junkin'


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