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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet Picks 3

Dear Friends,
   It's Dog Gone Amazing, I tell you. Hallowed Haven has me in Dog Heaven. Okay, okay, enough with the puns. Seriously folks, this month above all the rest, the Sweet Gang is leading the pack (Ha-ha alright I couldn't resist) bringing in the most highly sought after vintage dog collectibles. From figures, to art work, to fabulous tails (I mean books..wink) it's all there. I am panting and swooning in pure puppy love. Just take a look at a few of the darling pooches.


Dog treat holder? Vintage Scottie Tin, yes please.  

This German Shepard could guard my books any day

I am thinking perfect Christmas gift for the friend who has everything?

Lassie is right at home next to these antique shaving mugs

Nipper, the Little Bull Pup are you serious? This one is gonna be sought after like a World Series fly ball.

There shall be no other loyal friend then he to help a nut

This little Boston Terrier just melts my heart, Whoof

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