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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heather Bullard

Dear Friends,
I believe everyone has a lifestyle; a process or guideline by which we live. The people we surround ourselves with, the food we eat, the design we place in our home, and even an attitude toward life. Lifestyle is a powerful word and one that Heather Bullard has embraced to the fullest. A photographer by trade, looking through her lens has given her an eye for detail.  A respect for even the smallest of things, it's a recognition that everything has a place. To live a beautiful pure lifestyle where everything matters. For years she has inspired us with her photography in Country Living Magazine, she is a contributing editor, on her blog,,  where Heather captures all aspects of a beautiful life; incredible fresh recipes, gardening tips and bounty, raising chickens, building coops, organizing, treasure hunting and inspiring décor ideas. It has become a go to blog for followers who wish to enjoy a fresh authentic lifestyle perspective. A few years ago Heather decided to pursue her passion of photography by producing her own magazine, Souvenir  / It has been an instant success. Her vision of beauty is captured in each issue by the talented contributing editors as well as herself. Sweet Salvage was thrilled to be featured in Souvenir Magazine's Spring Issue. We had the best time working with Heather, watching her style and add magic to the displays. A Heather Bullard Lifestyle vignette will be featured this month at Sweet Salvage. A reflection of simple, timeless, pure lifestyle beauty that is uniquely Heather Bullard.


1 comment:

Linda said...

already my favorite, can't wait to get in there!!!!