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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Retreats

Dear Friends,
        When the Sweet Gang decided to title the May event Sweet Retreats, I was curious as to how they would incorporate the theme into their design. Would it be travel inspired, maybe a reflection of their own favorite place to unwind, or possibly an escape to a destination far away? The possibilities were endless but I never imagined the incredible mix of fantastic design that poured out. Creativity was abound as some chose a garden, others their homes, a few a summer beach house then off to a cabin in the woods, even a marvelous trip to Europe can be enjoyed. From soothing muted pallets to bright invigorating colors the hues dance against fabulous textures, it is just beautiful. This by far is the Sweetest Retreat I have ever been to. Here are your first peeks. So many more to come. To all of our Sweet mothers out there we hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day,


1 comment:

Kim P. said...

What inspires me? There are many things that inspire. The stillness of a moment, quite thoughts, tranquility. On the other hand, brightness, nature, color. Inspiration comes in many forms so you never know when it will stike. But when it does, watch out!