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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Color Pop

Dear Friends,
     Can you say "Amazing pops of color"? Oh my, the Sweet Gang has it going on. Absolutely stunning displays of color are abundant. Modern patterns mixed with vintage inspiration equals the perfect Boho combination for today's living. The seasons are changing, warming up with spring, moving into summer, splashes of happy color enhance home decor. A playful combination, adding fun and whimsy to a home. Even if you enjoy a neutral palette, adding color pops bring interest to the space. Updating dishes, pillows, accessories and even accent furniture pieces are quick easy ways to bring in a touch of freshness. The Boho Nouveau Event has a little something for everyone. I think this is one of my favorite show thus far because of the wide variety of design, eclectic vibe and the pure fun the Sweet Gang has had putting it together for you. Here's a little color therapy preview. Have a great day,


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