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Friday, February 15, 2013

Form Versus Function

It all started with a text message from Sweet Kim to Sweet Jim -
The message simply said "Wheat Grass". Kim's idea was to grow the grass in decorative containers much like her friend Teresa had done at THE PORCH.

Wheat Grass Seed
Sweet Jim hops on the internet and finds a Wheat Grass Kit. Jim decides to become a farmer and has his own direction for the Wheat Grass project. "I want to make juice", he said.  Venus and Mars have a common goal and it's time to plant the seeds.

Planting Seed Tray

With lots of water, care and love the seeds begin to sprout. Will they grow?  

You bet! After a few days, they have a Wheat Grass carpet. Sweet Jim and Kim's vision is coming to life! Soon it will be harvest time for Farmer Jim. Kim's vignettes are ready for some fresh green.

Wheat Grass Carpet!
Harvest day arrives with great anticipation. Farmer Jim gives the Wheat Grass a nice haircut. Time to give the new juicer a whirl.

Ready, Set, Juice!

Extracted Juice

Sweet Kim decides to take a photo before Farmer Jim downs his morning shot.
It was rough - Farmer Jim did a chaser of Carrot and Apple juice!

Wanna do a shot?

It's time for Sweet Kim to reap the benefits of her hard work. She transplants the bountiful harvest into lovely patina-ed flower pots. What a fun project!  
Amazing results from a two-word text! Form versus Function - They got both.

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