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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweetville, USA

 Dear Friends.
  Oh darling throw on some overalls, buy me a pig, plant me a garden I am moving to Sweetville. If ever I have dreamed of having my own urban farm I now know that dreams can come true if even just for a weekend at Sweet Salvage. I am inspired beyond words by the simple yet beautiful farm life that is so authentically portrayed at this month's Sweet Salvage Green Acres event. The casual elegance of farm style living has me rethinking my addiction to the local market. Fresh produce, farm raised eggs, a large table full of family and friends gathering for the seasons harvest. No television, no computers, no cell phones...okay maybe that's a little to far but my own urban garden here in the heart of town is a wondrous thought. A simple connection to nature amongst the hustle and bustle of modern day life. A retreat into days gone by, oh how inspiring. The Sweet Gang by far this month has created a wonderful atmosphere which invokes a curiosity in me, could I? should I? I know that whether you have ever asked your self about your ability to have an urban farm, have fond childhood memories of country life or even if you're a city folk at heart you will enjoy the bounty of Sweetville this month.


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Jean @ said...

Oh my! I really think I need that blue scale!