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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Sweetest Year

Dear Friends,
One year ago these Sweet lil' ladies posed for this picture. Smiles beamed across their faces as they awaited the moments ahead when the doors would open and Sweet Salvage would be finally be seen. Ironically they all had butterflies in their stomachs. They asked one another if anyone would be coming to their first event? Would four days be enough? Would there junque be what anyone would want? Had they chosen the right location? All that set aside, it was show time. They crossed their fingers knowing whatever was to be was to be, it was their Mid Summer Night's Dream and the time was now....little did they know. As the doors swung open, there they were, an amazing group of friends filled with excitement. The rest, well let's just say that every month these same beautiful ladies, along with the now complete Sweet Gang, huddle together in the same circle with smiles on their face, the same butterflies in their stomachs, asking the same questions and with the greatest humility they swing open the doors and they see their loving Sweet friends. They know their Dream continues. Thank you for a wonderful first year,

Sweet Salvage's First Year in Review

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French Market

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

See you all next week August 16th-19th as we celebrate my Sweet Birthday and my sweetest friends. As Marie Antoinette said so famously said, "Let Them Eat Cake."


Lois Arnold said...

Alas, I will be MIA this month, but a friend invited me to her cottage in the mountains -- out of this heat! See you in September! (Wait, isn't that a song title?) Happy Birthday, my Sweets!

Bohemian said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Dawn... The Bohemian