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Saturday, March 3, 2012

On the Road Again..

The Journey Begins

Dear Friends,
     The Sweet Gang is shopping away. From Texas to California great junkin' finds are  being loaded on trailers for you. I thought it would be fun to showcase over the next few days Kim and Katie's road trip.
Fabulous "Shoppers" sign pointing them in the right direction

Look at the patina on these beauties

Drooling over this collection of Industrial Clocks

Mind racing photo of fabulous Junk

So many treasures at hand. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine all the fantastic ways to renew and create. Speaking of which, have you entered the Urban Renewal Contest yet? Only 11 days left to win your VIP pass into the Sweet Urban Renewal event March 15th. We can't wait to see your creations. Stay tuned for more photos of Kim and Katie's adventure.


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La Maison des Plaines said...

Wow! all those goodies. Love it!


Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day.