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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"N" is for Nostalgia

"N" is for Nostalgia

Dear Friends.
"N" is for Nostalgia. One of the reasons people begin collecting is a fondness of an era or childhood memory. It may be a toy, a book, a sign or souvenir from a place they visited, their mother's china or a tool from grandpa's farm. Whatever the reason the item resonates with something inside. Incorporating it into their home reflects who they are. Here are some photos of nostalgia that the Sweet Gang brought in for the Raw and Ref-Find Event.
Turn of the Century Pharmacy cabinet from New York

Early 1900's Kentucky Fair Popcorn Machine

Vintage Children's Books

Vintage Books and Toy Drum

A Collection of Newspaper with Amazing Moments in History 

Vintage Sports Equipment like these Real Feather Birdies.

Vintage Musical Instruments and Typewriter

Wind up Metal VW Bug and Rola Cola Bottles

I look so forward to seeing you this weekend at the Raw and Re-Find Event February 16th thru the 19th.  If you have not entered the Sweet Before and After Contest there's only two days left. The winners will be selected tomorrow afternoon.


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