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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Steampunk's Home.

Dear Friends,
       Nancy and Mike's are the owners of Steampunk Az. They are continuously on the road finding the most unusual treasures from across the United States and are known for their extensive collection of wrought iron and architectural elements. Their home represents what incredibly fun and happy people they are. I just love it.

How fun is this vignette? A vintage chalk ware Shepard sits on  a Lucky Lager bowl. Just when your giggle subsides you see this incredible antique crystal cloche, wow! The mix is a sheer joy. 
Do you see the marvelous aged crackle on this precious little doll head?  This is a rare jewel tucked under a blown glass cloche.

This scale caught my eye with a big "Hello". What a fantastic piece of history. My mind wanders to the ole' General Store that weighed it's wares on this classic. Then there's the bottles, oh my! My eyes are not done, a beautiful table top chandelier adds an unexpected sparkle to this vignette. This my friends in one of those pieces you rarely see and when you do you just smile.

A tour of Mike and Nancy's home would not be complete if  I did not show you an amazing chippy green cupboard, a graphic sign, an exquisite etched mirror, an old olive jar and of course a concrete angel. Thank you Steampunk Az for sharing your fabulous home with us.

We are quickly approaching the Romancing the Home Event this Thursday thru Sunday. I am so excited. Sneak peeks are on their way. Remember you still have 3 days to post photos of your home for the Romancing the Home Contest. Good luck.


Bohemian said...

I Love Eclectic interesting Collections and Vignettes, Nancy and Mike's Home has that uniqueness and personality to it.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Unknown said...

I love Nancy's stuff! Fab I say!!!