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Sweet Story

The year was 1957. 7th ave was alive with excitement and there I stood Glamorous, Elegant and well poised as any proper lady should. My sparkle shown through the front window as outside passer byes were lured in from the street. Grand chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Their light danced below them like fairies enhancing beautiful fine antiquities from around the world. It was a magical time.

In 1979 a young Italian man, named Sal, came into my life. He had big dreams, a vision of boys and cars that filled up our lives for thirty years. I enjoyed watching as the tired and broken were restored. I loved my boys, but late at night when they and Sal were asleep I would go back to the days of glamour inside my memories and somewhere inside I knew one day I would shine again.

In January of 2011 the boys decided to leave. As sad as I was to see them go I felt this little fire from deep inside my heart began to flicker. Like sunshine from heaven on a Monday afternoon four vibrant women opened the door. As I looked at the smiles on their faces I saw something I hadn’t seen in thirty years, my sparkle. They did not see a tired old gal they saw an elegant lady whom had lived a full life and was ready to recapture her essence. Sal and I took one look at each other and we both knew that with these talented ladies it was time for Sweet Salvage to be born.

Our story is just beginning, one of rebirth and beauty as I am transformed by four beautiful and talented woman into a magical place once more.