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Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Time

Dear Friends,
Some say that time changes everything and yet when inspired change is all about the timing. Sometimes time seems to stand still and other times it moves too fast. A vortex of such that controls our actions. Placing us in a period of enthusiasm, excitement and anticipation. It is in these moments that we become fascinated with how far we have come and yet anxious to how far we have to go. 

                             As the dream of the Sweet Salvage Warehouse was born this state was oh so apparent. The collaboration of an incredible team, The Sweet Gang, came together with amazing precision to accomplish this vision. Working very long hours over the past few months has been a physically challenging but the strength of this team has never been stronger. 
                     One of the main goals, in addition to the Warehouse, was to enhance the original Sweet Salvage. Creating a showroom of incredible design that continues to inspire our guests. A place filled with beautiful inspiration and fresh decor ideas. The space has been reconfigured, new designers added and the focus has become even stronger on elements of design in both home decor and the boutique. Our goal is continue to offer all aspects of the Sweet Salvage lifestyle. 
The Sweet Gang proves once again to be an outstanding group of not only incredibly talented designers but visionaries, whose main goal is to bring their very best to you. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Sweet Salvage. I have many small treasures I have purchased from them. Two of my favorite items is an old metal measuring tape I attached to the wall as a growth chart for my grandsons. My second item is a brass no vacancy sign that hangs on the outside of my kitchen door. Wish you were open every weekend.