Dear Friends,
    I was content, so I thought. I was happy, so it seemed. My daily routine had become just that, I thought it was enough. Until a day one year ago when twenty feet crossed my path. My angels, the Sweet Gang, opened doors within me I had tightly closed, asked me what could I be not what had I become.

  They believed in a potential, that I had long forgotten and saw beauty in me where I saw age. I was transformed. As if I were a child again, I gazed into the mirror, for the first time in many years, I smiled.

   I made a promises to myself and to them. I would embrace my dreams. I would grow in ways I had never believed possible and I would continue to make changes in myself to keep these promises. With change comes Courage. Courage to be steadfast. Courage to take risks and Courage to believe. I have Courage. With their support I have transitioned from a woman I let the World create back in to the beautiful Lady that I was born to be, simply Sweet.
   Each and everyone of you has also been apart of my awakening and I thank you. We have much further to travel my friends and I look forward to our new Journey.

Dreams do come true.

Your Friend,