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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meet Sweet Lisa

Lisa Matthews
Dear Friends,
   Please join me in welcoming Lisa Matthews to the Sweet Gang. She is a true product of the hard working mid west. Lisa grew up on the industrial south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a family of resourceful tinker-ers, artsy crafty folks and thrifters. Quality time spent with grandma and grandpa "rummaging" (that's yard-saleing to the Wisconsin folks) instilled in her the love of the hunt. Lisa also spent her childhood drawing, painting, taking art classes, devouring magazines, rearranging the family furniture and sketching house plans. Ever the curious type, she had a natural love for art and history which she studied in college. Lisa bummed around Europe and eventually went to Grad school for architecture. She followed that with more study abroad, some real adult jobs in architecture firms and then ten ten years ago,a move to Phoenix, which prompted a shift to commercial architecture. (Full circle...remember those childhood home plans Lisa used to draw?) The junker in her remained through it all. Three years later, in addition to practicing architechture in her firm, Studio Seven Designs, Lisa began devoting serious time to sourcing, restoring and selling unique finds with her vintage home goods business, Salvage Workshop. You'll recognize Lisa's style by her bohemian mix of raw, industrial, urban-minded, worn-in, humble pieces. You are going to love her as much as I do. Welcome aboard Sweet Lisa!