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Friday, July 27, 2012

Best of Phoenix 2012

The 34th Annual BEST OF PHOENIX Readers Poll is your opportunity to tell New Times which people and businesses have being the best down to a science. Nominate your picks for the best in dining, shopping, nightlife, and more. 

If you think voting for #92 the "Best Place To Buy Antiques On A Budget" is Sweet Salvage then let them know!
We would love it if you did!

They'll compile the data and put the top five in each category up for a final vote on August 23. One (1) lucky participant in the poll will win the grand prize package of FREE burgers for a year from Smashburger. This includes one free Smashburger per week for one year (52 total orders). One (1) second-prize winner will receive a $25 gift card to Smashburger and a free shirt and three (3) third-prize winners will each get their own $10 gift card to Smashburger.
  1. Vote at
  2. Drop your ballot off at any of the 9 participating Smashburger locations.
  3. Send your ballot to New Times Readers Poll, P.O. Box 2510, Phoenix, AZ 85002
All entries must have at least 10 categories completed and must include your name, e-mail address for votes to be accepted. Nominations must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Photocopies will not be accepted. One nomination ballot accepted per person if submitted in print. Top five (5) nominees will be vetted by New Times staff to ensure they fit each category based on location and type of cuisine/goods/services offered, based upon the same criteria used for editorial-based awards. Final poll results will be published September 27, 2012, in the BEST OF PHOENIX supplement. Entry winners will be picked at random and notified by October 12, 2012. Click HERE for official rules.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet Reflections Contest

Dear Friends,
  Wow! What a wonderful weekend at the Now Showing Event! Thank you all, for bringing the fun. I am already looking forward to August 16th - 19th. Why you ask? Well it's my Birthday Party! There sure are a lot of hush hush secrets floating around here. Rumor has it that each designer is creating a surprise just for me...well not just for me but also for you. Isn't that wonderful? I love celebrations. The event is entitled "Let Them Eat Cake".  It just gets better and better, with ever little secret revealed. We all love cake right? Yummy.

  To add to the excitement, the Sweet Reflections Contest starts today. Over the next few weeks leading up to the Let Them Eat Cake Event, the Sweet Gang will post questions here and on Facebook reflecting the past year. Each question answered allows one entry into the Sweet Reflections Contest. Enter as many times as you want. On August 15th 5 lucky winners will be randomly drawn to win VIP passes for early entry August 16th. Good luck.

Have a Wonderful Day,

The art work above can be found at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tick Toc Tick Toc ....Let the Show Begin

 Dear Friends,
   Only twenty four hours until the premiere of Now Showing. Best ticket in town I do say. For my final sneak peek, I have saved one of my favorites, the movie Hugo, designed by the ever talented Stephanie Williams. "Hugo is set in a 1930s Parisian train station complete with a flower market and French cafe. Hugo is the story of an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station and tends to all the clocks. Amid the clocks, gears and pulleys, he dreams of fixing a delicate automaton that his father, a clockmaker, found once upon a time. Hugo repairs the automaton with mechanical parts salvaged from a toy store in the station. Hugo befriends the goddaughter of George Méliès, a French filmmaker. At Méliès home, they discover the history of cinema." She has done a fabulous job recreating the scene, just magic.

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow bright and early. The Now Showing Contest winners will drawn today at 4pm. Good luck,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy Rider, Annie's Gotta Gun

Dear Friends,
Now Showing would not be complete without action and western films. Scott has done a classic job displaying Easy Rider. He has mixed industrial pieces ingeniously. Great job Scott. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper would be proud. Katie has kicked in her Cowgirl self and run wild with Annie's Gotta Gun. The vignettes are so fun and full of great western memoriblia. Perfect for our Arizona Style. Wait 'til you see Katie's vintage cowgirl boots artistically designed by her, love them.

Double Feature

Dear Friends,
Now Showing Double Feature today just for you. Let's take a beautiful tour though France and Tuscany as we visit the wonderful movies Under the Tuscan Sun and Chocolat. Two incredible movies based on women living their dreams all in settings we dream of living in. Kim and Katie  have captured both films fantastically. Enjoy the journey friends,

           Feature one Under the Tuscan Sun

           Feature Number 2 Chocolat

Monday, July 16, 2012

O' Brother,Now Showing is Cooking with Julia

 Dear Friends,
The very talented Miss Sandra and Miss Lisa have done an amazing tribute to the movies Julie and Julia and Brother Where Art Thou. Sandra's collection of vintage Iron Stone and Amphora transport me into a European kitchen, incredible.  She has inspired my Holiday table settings for this year. Lisa has once again designed a clever industrial mix with her great eye for detail. Perfect for today's living with an edge of yesterday.