Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet Groupies


 Dear Friends.
   We all the know the saying, "what is old is new again". This could not ring more true as you wander through a Flea Market. Vendors displays collections of vintage and antique wares from days gone by. Sometimes the most ordinary objects when placed in a grouping create a interesting design element. A large chippy gesso frame on it's one may look in need of repair to some, but when placed in a collage of three or more it becomes a statement piece. Adding texture and style to a room. Collecting is not only about adding your own unique style to your home, it invokes memories and a appreciation for craftsmanship that is seldom found in our fast paced world. Flea Markets are a wonderful source for inspiration as well as a resource for adding to a current collection. Here are a few collections I spied around Sweet Salvage this month. Remember to make your list and get ready for some Junkin' fun.



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