Wednesday, October 5, 2011

French Market

The beautiful French and French-inspired items are arriving daily to fill the store with breath-taking beauty that you're not going to believe!

If you've been to the previous events then you know the entire store is completely different than before, there are ideas and inspiration around every turn. It's magical like it always is.

The finishes are spectacular.....

There are serving pieces that are going to be perfect in your home....

Unique pieces that you aren't going to find anywhere else...

 And of course beautiful hand-made items...

It all awaits you at our French Market which begins Oct. 20th and last until the 23rd.
Yours truly,


  1. Looking forward to another "fabulous" event!

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  3. This Scottsdale farmer can't wait to have a break away on Thursday the see what Frenchy finds you might have for our own French flare farmer's market :-)....

    Thanks to my darling friend Caroline for mentioning you!


  4. I cant wait !! I blogged about the Harvest Moon Event on Yes Very excited for this event. have a beautiful and creative day...Chickie