Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Hallowed Haven Time

 Dear Friends,
    Wahoooo! Tomorrow Sweet Salvage kicks off the Hallowed Haven Event with a Preview Party at 6pm. It will be an absolutely fabulous evening. There are just a few tickets still available , visit www.sweetsalvage.net  for  more information.
     Okay, can I just say,"Holy Hallowed Haven!"?  What incredible vignettes have filled Sweet Salvage for this week's show. From the calming warm beauty of Autumn to the  spooky creepy whimsical of Halloween, it just couldn't be more inspirational. Here are some highlights I thought you might enjoy. However, I have saved many surprises just for you this weekend. (wink!)
See you soon,






Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet Picks 3

Dear Friends,
   It's Dog Gone Amazing, I tell you. Hallowed Haven has me in Dog Heaven. Okay, okay, enough with the puns. Seriously folks, this month above all the rest, the Sweet Gang is leading the pack (Ha-ha alright I couldn't resist) bringing in the most highly sought after vintage dog collectibles. From figures, to art work, to fabulous tails (I mean books..wink) it's all there. I am panting and swooning in pure puppy love. Just take a look at a few of the darling pooches.


Dog treat holder? Vintage Scottie Tin, yes please.  

This German Shepard could guard my books any day

I am thinking perfect Christmas gift for the friend who has everything?

Lassie is right at home next to these antique shaving mugs

Nipper, the Little Bull Pup are you serious? This one is gonna be sought after like a World Series fly ball.

There shall be no other loyal friend then he to help a nut

This little Boston Terrier just melts my heart, Whoof

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Picks Part 2

Dear Friends,
    Well Hello Dolly! Now Sweet Salvage couldn't do the Hallowed Haven Event without bringing to you fun creep factors. So for all you Halloween enthusiasts, here is a treat for you. Let me introduce you to a few of my little friends making their first appearance this month.


"The leg bone is connected to the head bone.
The head bone is connected to the hip bone.
The hip bone is connected to the rib bone."

"Could someone please let the Dr. in on this?"

"What a basket case"
"I urn someday to be just like you"

"Hey sister, don't leave me hanging"

"Hey man, cut it out!"

"Stop it! You crack me up"

"Mr. Spider, at least you still have your legs!"

"SomeBODY please help me"

"Oh, I am such a flake!"

"This situation is a little jarring, I must say"

"You looking at me?"

"Honey, Crimson Red is so FADulous, duh"

"Ya, Jack's taking the day off. Thought I'd give the old box a try"

The next germination

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sweet Picks Part 1

Dear Friends,
I am spying some amazing collections trending this month, for the Hallowed Haven Event, coming this Thursday through Sunday. It is always amazing to me how the Sweet Gang is able to gather and display, so wonderfully, a variety of unique treasures every month. Over the next few days, I will be showcasing these marvelous pieces of history, just for you. Whether you are a die hard collector or simply looking for that perfect piece for your fall home décor, this month you will find it for sure.
"Smile your on Candid Camera" - well maybe not, but you are sure to be candidly pleased with these beauties. Digital cameras and Smart phone photos have taken over every day photography for very valid reasons. However, no current piece of technology can reproduce the sculptural art that an antique camera possesses. Crafted from real leather, steel, brass and finely cut glass, cameras of days gone by are fine examples of craftsmanship that are rare in today's mass manufacturing. Sweet Salvage incorporates these masterpieces into the fall displays. By far, this is one collectible that fits almost every home décor style. From Farmhouse to Modern, antique cameras are the perfect accent piece for any home.

Antique Drawer Cabinets

Beauty, form and function is where it's at when using antique drawer cabinets in your home. Crafted from fine hard woods, these gems are built to last. Utilitarian pieces used in libraries, medical offices, general stores and factories, the list goes on and on for their diverse places in history. In today's world, if we are lucky enough to run across them, they have become lovingly displayed in our homes. Transformed into pieces of furniture, organization for our crafting areas, unique built in cabinets for our kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, they have been converted into tables, night stands and center islands. The possibilities are endless. When looking to ways organize a space in your home, antique drawer cabinets are the way to go. Check out some of these prime examples available this month at the Hallowed Haven Event, they are amazing.